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Drunken Masters Tour


Drunken Masters Tour w/ Eskei83 & Karoltip

So last week my guy Phillip (@philhim) invited me to the Drunken Masters Tour stop in Berlin. The next day he asked me to come with them to Dresden and then to the Sputnik Springbreak Festival. Since i missed traveling and see places, i couldn't say no. I t was pretty cool hanging out with all these guys and i offered them to come with them to Rock am Ring, World Club Dome and back to the Sputnik Spring Festival again. So they decided really spontaneously the next morning, that i can join them. It's been such a fun trip and i really missed being on tour. Meeting so many people and going different places, being exhausted from traveling, checking into hotels and everything... And for sure being around cool people who really appreciate you and the work you do, is what i love the most. Can't wait to be back on the road again.


Hendrik Altmeyer